CGW Finishing Process
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Instruções para Acabamento com Verniz CGW Videos of Finished Guitars

1- Follow the application steps normally as per our Skin Tutorial.


2- After applying let it dry 1 day if you have used detergent.


4 - With the compressor or spray, apply smoky coats every 15 minutes.


5 - Wait at least 30 minutes to sand.


6 - With a 400 grit sandpaper, sand the edges where the adhesive mismatch is evident until it is aligned and eliminated.


Apply to the end of the sticker the Burst


7 - The Process from now on, is the same as a conventional painting.


8 - Avoid overcharging the spray / compressor to avoid wrinkling the skin.


9 - We recommend at least 2 full body varnish applications, sanding with 600/1200/2000 sandpaper and polishing.

Skin accepts any type of varnish (PU / Polyester / Nitro)