Doesn't it spoil the painting?


No, in fact the varnish that is below the adhesive, no longer has exposure to light, to remove just heat a corner and lightly remove the adhesive, if glue residue, pass kerosene, will not damage the original varnish.



Doesn't the tone change?


To this day we have not received any complaints about tone and tone changes, so we recommend sticking side by side separately, not enveloping.



Can I varnish?


Yes, if you wanted the image not to wear, apply the desired varnish by following our painting tutorial.

More details on how to apply and varnish in TUTORIALS.



Water or dry application?


For those who already have experience with the application, we recommend using the dry process, with felt spatula and heating with thermal blower or hair dryer, in this method the microbubbles add up more easily.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions


What CGWs Skins like?


Skin covers the top of the instrument, and partially the sides. It comes in a rectangular, uncut sheet of caps and hardware, where you can use the application forms that are in our TUTORIALS.
















The position, the cut, you define yourself following the steps of the manuals, the layout we created has color fidelity and the result after applied is identical.

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